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About Subramanya Temple

Sri subramanya temple located at AECS ‘C’ Block, chikka begur, begur post, bangalore south, Karnataka, lapped in the luxurious abundance with the beauty of nature, the temple is situated next to the begur lake, the beauty of the nature lake behind the temple the main entrance of the temple lies to the east. The devotees will enter the temple from east through the main gate, west gate is towards the lake  there are three naga devathas, on the left and in the center is the lord subramanya

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Ashlesha Nakshathra

Ashlesha Nakshatra Shanti Puja neutralizes the malefic effects of the planets in their main period and sub-period. The worshipping of the Nakshatra begins with Gau (cow) Puja and Panch Dev Puja i.e. Ganesh, Matrika, Nakshatra Deity – ‘Sarp’ (Snake), Navagraha and Shiva. The Vedic priest also organizes Homa where ghee, sesame, barley, and other sacred material are used while chanting various mantras and Vedic Suktam. Homa is a significant process to remove the evil effect of Nakshatra in your cha

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Shasti Pooja's

Shashthi ( Ṣaṣṭhī) also referred to as Chhath is the sixth day or tithi of a Paksha or fourteen-day phase of the moon. The word comes from the Sanskrit cardinal ṣaṣ (six), whence the ordinal number (linguistics) ṣaṣṭha (sixth), fem. ṣaṣṭhī (days of the paksha are feminine gender )

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