Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple

Sri subramanya temple located at AECS ‘C’ Block, chikka begur,


Subramanya Temple Bangalore

Sri Subramanya Temple Chika Begur AECS ‘C’ Block, Bangalore

About Subramanya Temple

Sri Subramanya Temple Chika Begur, Bangalore

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An Ancient temple situated Begur

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Shasti Pooja's

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Ashlesha Nakshathra

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Special Abhisheka

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Special Poojas

Shuddha Shasti           (7.00 AM  – 10.00 AM)

  1. 21-10-2020 Tuesday
  2. 20-11-2020 Friday
  3. 20-12-2020     Sunday

Ashlesha Nakshathra   (7.00 AM  – 10.00 AM)

  1. 12-10-2020 Monday
  2. 09-11-2020 Monday
  3. 06-12-2020 Sunday

Sri Subramanya Temple Chika Begur AECS 'C' Block, Bangalore

Kartikeya also known as skanda kumara, subramanya in Karnataka and murga in tamil nadu is a hindu god of war. He is the son of goddess Parvati and lord shiva, brother of ganesha many story says that the god setteled in south asia i.e south india and also in other countries like sri lanka, Singapore and Malaysia as murugan,

There are some idols with six headed and mainly with one head, he grows up quickly into philosopher – warrior, destroys evil in the form of demon taraka he used to travel on a peacock, so the idol is always with a peacock with him.